UPS Testing

The Cx Monitor is a complete UPS testing tool. The Cx Monitor can monitor 10 channels of AC Voltage, 5 channels of AC current as well as up to 100 external wireless extensions.

  1. DC Voltage (up to 600v) - Battery String Voltage
  2. DC Current, 2000Arms and 4000Arms available - Battery Current
  3. DCx, 10 Channel DC voltage probe made for monitoring cell voltages in battery strings. - Cell Voltages
  4. Temperature and Humidity.



The Cx Monitor can be manually triggered to capture UPS startup for up to 2 minutes.

You can also capture transient events using the delta current triggering mechanism standard on every Cx Monitor. This gives the ability for a commissioning agent to set it and go when it comes to transient waveform captures. All that needs to be set is a rough idea of the minimum current that you will be stepping and the Cx Monitor will do the rest.

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